Immediate Immersion

Cyber attacks are considered to be one of the top five risks to businesses globally, and the level of threats from script kiddies, cybercriminals, and even nation-state actors is increasing daily. Businesses experience literally thousands of cyber attacks per day.

Cyber Attack and Defense: Immediate Immersion is designed to impart basic cybersecurity skills in three intense weeks of study at 25 hours per week to help students to decide if careers in cybersecurity are right for them. Development of the 100% project-based, learn-by-doing program was funded in part by the Department of Defense (under agreement C5-16-0023), and the curriculum was designed in conjunction with DoD and industry experts.

Students work through two online real-life tasks (spending 1-2 weeks per task) in a private cloud environment with help, advice, and feedback from knowledgeable mentors and extensive online learning resources.

The tasks are embedded in the realistic, but fictional, context of work as an entry-level employee of a government cyber operations agency.

In this 4-week module you will:

1. Exploit a website (and fix vulnerabilities)

Students learn to think like attackers. They investigate a defense contractor’s website surreptitiously, fix a vulnerability, and remove malware. To accomplish this, they must use an LFI exploit uncovered by human intelligence to access to the web server themselves and then crack the webmaster’s encrypted password, so they can remove the malware and patch the vulnerability that left the system open to attack.

2. Analyze malicious network traffic

Students analyze network traffic moving in and out of a military aide’s personal laptop. Using packet capture (PCAP) files, students determine if it was infected by malware and if so what malware and how the infection occurred. Students then perform an attribution analysis of the actors involved in the attack. (They analyze the evidence they find and use open source intelligence about a particular exploit kit to make hypotheses about the attackers’ identities.)


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  • Apply by October 14, 2019
  • Classes Start October 21, 2019
  • (4 weeks, 25 hrs/wk)
  • Tuition: $1599, due in full prior to beginning the course.
Veterans in Transition
Veterans in Transition
Cybersecurity Training


Students who wish to explore a career in cybersecurity to determine if it is right for them.


The ideal student is intensely curious, unwilling to give up on a problem no matter how difficult it is, and predisposed towards self-directed learning. Only basic computer skills are required, but basic knowledge of computer networks, protocols, and the fundamentals of operating systems is recommended. (We will supply self-study tutorial materials to registered students before the program begins.)


Students must successfully complete Cyber Attack and Defense: Immediate Immersion to be permitted to enroll in the next course in this program, The Cyber Academy: Defense. Success will be assessed by a student’s mentor, whose decision is final.


  • Think like an attacker
  • Exploit a common website vulnerability
  • Crack a password
  • Analyze network traffic at the packet level
  • Recognize malware being transferred to a host
  • Recognize the identifying features of an exploit kit attack


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